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The next workshops
for African dance:


09. -10. 05 2009

Guinea - Conakry

12.12 2009 - 08.01.2010

Teaching African dance:

Every Monday 20:00 -21:00
Trial session 5 Euro.-
Bella Donna
Bahnhofstr. 36, 22880 Wedel

Registration or information: :
Tel.: 0049-179 / 125 67 70
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Workshop Afrikanischer Tanz/Afro-Dance

Workshop Afrikanischer Tanz/Afro-Dance

Hamburg - Altona
Course for African dance
Tuesday 19 to 20 clock

It should be a continuous dance classes.
Once 10 people participating in the course.
Cost 50 euros per month. Payment monthly, termination six months.

If interested, please click here.

Fanta Haba: Lehrerin für Afrikanischen TanzFanta Haba

Fanta is a dancer and dance master.
She teaches traditional West African dances and songs -- especially the dances from Guinea.

Fanta Haba starts with an age of 11 years the training as a dancer at Manana Cisse, the director of the "Ballets africains." She was a member in various traditional dance ensembles in Guinea. Since 1998, she is teaching and gives her knowledge of the West African dances in numerous workshops to many people from Europe, America and Asia.
Since the end of 2006 she is a member of Djante Bi. Djante Bi (in the language Wolof, the twilight) is an international dance and drum ensemble, founded in the autumn of 2002 by Sana Diedhiou (dancers, drummers and choreographer). The artists from Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Togo and Germany provide insights into traditional and modern dance forms from West Africa. These include choreography, as since the 1950s in the West African dance schools taught, and the solo dance, as he demonstrated at traditional festivals.

West African dances:
"The African dances offer a variety of movements to us that in our modern, european everyday life has been lost. They belong to the most expressive dances at all. They require the entire body feeling and always reflect events or life situations of the everyday or festive life..

They are full of joy and connect power with elegance. The head is light and airy, the feet are deeply rooted in the soil. The West African dance is a rich source of energy and zest for life. The own body movements felt in elementary and awareness with fun. "