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Workshop "African dance" in Guinea:

Traditional dance and african drum rhythms -
dance and drum with Fanta Haba - a travel to Guinea

12.12 2009 - 08.01.2010
Guinea / Conakry

Workshop teachers:

Fanta Haba - Afrikanischer TanzFanta Haba is one Guerze from the forest region of Guinea. With 11 years, Fanta
started their training in African dance by Manana Cisse, the director of the "Ballets africains. Since the beginning of her training, she was a member of various dance companies in Guinea. Since 1998, she is teaching and gives her knowledge of the West African dances in numerous workshops to many people from Europe, America and Asia.
Fanta teaches the traditional dances from Guinea with energy and much experience. She makes the dances accessible in patient, sensitive manner both for beginners as well as progressing.

Fode Konaté - DjembefolaFode Konaté is a son of the famous Famoudou Konaté, which as the first soloist played with the national ballet. From childhood he was informed by the father in the art of the djembe playing. Fode is an experienced teacher, who leads instruction with humor and patience.
He will accompany also the dance instructions with live-percussion.




The courses address themselves to dance and drum-interested humans of each age and any previous experience. Depending upon the needs of the user/inside max. 5 days in the week with max. 5 hours instruction daily - except on Fridays and Saturday. The lessons are for beginners to professional musicians and are adjusted to their individual abilities.


Fode Konaté - DjembefolaFode Konaté - Djembefola

Accommodation is at the venue at the 2-bed rooms including mosquito nets.
Single only available as an option.
The course lies in Simbaya, a suburb of Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea in West Africa. We are located about 20 km from the city, and about 7 miles from the airport..


Our African cooking team that the hygiene needs of whites knows best, prepares traditional dishes, which for Europeans well tolerated and are very tasty.


The journey takes place on weekend. You are fetched naturally from the airport and brought to Simbaya.
On Monday starts the teaching in Simbaya Gare.
3 of the 4 weeks we will be in Conakry.

Fode Konaté - Djembefola

During this time, we will visit a ballet and well-known musicians.
1 week, we are in Kindia,
1 weekend on the island of Rome.
The last Friday may be used to make final purchases.
In the evening a parting concert is planned, with which the pupils present the learned to the neighborhood, as well as a concert with native artists.
Saturday and Sunday departure.
For additional payment can be remained also longer.
Easy modifications of the program are reserved.


To enter Conakry you need a tourist visa. You can apply for the visa by phone. Contact the Embassy of the Republic of Guinea in your country and ask for the application forms which than have to be filled in and send together with your passport to the embassy. The charges for the visa in Germany are 60 €.

Embassy of the Republic of Guinea, Germany
(they may give you the address of the embassy in your own country)
Jägerstr. 67-69
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49(0)30/20 07 43 30
Fax: +49(0)30/2 00 74 33 33
Email: berlin@ambaguinee.de


The vaccination against Yellow Fever is obligatory. For further vaccinations like malaria prophylaxis get information from your general practitioner or from a doctor for tropical diseases in your area.
If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


The flight to Guinea is not included in the price and has to be arranged by yourself.
The cheap airlines to Conakry are: Air Maroc, SN Brussels, and Air France.You can also take a flight to Dakar/Senegal, which quite often is also low priced. If you wish,we’ll be of assistance.

Guinea in Westafrika:

Fode Konaté - Djembefola

In Guinea - a former French Colony – today live many different ethnic groups respectively nations with a still living culture. One of them are the Malinké (approx. 25 %). The Konaté family belongs to the Malinké and their interesting musical culture has become famous worldwide through celebrities like Famoudou Konaté and Mamady Keita.
The Country itself impresses with a variety of gorgeous, beautiful landscapes. But the main attraction is the people of Guinea who meet poverty and every day life with composure, social competence, passionate temperament and a lot of humour.

Fode Konaté - DjembefolaThe capital is situated at the coast and is the cultural centre of the country. You can find all kinds of ethnics her. Many famous artists life and work in Conakry.
The most time of your stay you’ll spend in Simbaya. Apart from intensive training you’ll find numerous possibilities to test your skills at spontaneous sessions. Many famous musicians and dancers have settled in the quarter of the town among others also Famoudou Konaté. It is also scheduled to visit several artists and ballets. Not a day passes without the possibility to attend a traditional festivity or a spontaneous session.

is with approx.. 80,000 inhabitants the third-most important city of the Republic of Guinea after Conakry and Labé. It is located under countless picturesque mango trees on the hillside at the foot of the mountain Mt Gangan. The market of Kindia is well known because of its large supply of materials, especially batiks. Rich selection of large wood carvings offer several workshops at the village entrance.

Fode Konaté - Djembefola

The fantastic island of Roume, which will be visited at the end of the tour lies just before the coast of Conakry. Here the participants can once again properly relax.

Fode Konaté - Djembefola


The charges for the complete 4 weeks all inclusive (workshops, meals, accommodation, exclusiv drinks ) are Euro 1060,-.

Also two weeks can be booked:

Either the first half or the second half:
The price is here each Euro 600,-.

There is the possibility to participate only at dance instruction or only at drum instruction or however at no instruction.
No workshop: Euro 150,- per week,
only drumming or dancing: Euro 240,- per week.

The payment will be as follows:
The account data will be sent to you after your request. Half of the price has to be transferred at the registration, the balance has to be payed on arrival in Conakry in cash.
The registration is obligatory, as soon as the amount was transferred and the registration was send by fax or post. In case of cancellation up to a month before the trip, euro 275, - retained, and later euro 400, - if no replacement is made.

Additional costs are caused by:
Excursions - each about Euro 10,-,
the trip to Kindia - about Euro 50,-,
the flight to Guinea.


The flyer as PDF

Outstanding questions answered Fanta Haba:


The registration as PDF

Workshops "African Dance" in wedel:

African Dance - traditional dances from Guinea


09. -10. Mai 2009
27. - 28. Juni 2009
19. - 20. September 2009
14. - 15. November 2009

The workshop is opened to beginners and advanced.
The workshops to the african dance is accompanied by drummers

Beginner: 10:00 bis 13:00
Advanced: 15:00 bis 18:00

65,- Euro per weekend, each group
100,- Euro per weekend, for both groups
Registrations up to a week before the deadline 60, - Euro

or right here.

Seminar room in Altstadtcafe Wedel, Rolandtstraße 2a

If not enough participants are registrating an alternative date will be suggested.

The workshop
Besides dance techniques and simple, quick to learn movements, including the movement diversity and expressive possibilities of West African dances, the rhythm of the drums and knowledge about the tradition and meaning of the dances are taught.
The African dances are full of vitality, promote the entire body feeling and offer a variety of movements to us in our everyday lives have been lost.
A key feature is the use and enjoyment of the spine, pelvis and shoulder movement as an independent centers.

There is still little more about African dance to read.

A training workshop on
Disco dancing to pop music from Guinea
is in the planning

Those who are interested to participate, please register.